Vision :

- Graduate highly-qualified mechanical engineers who are capable of facing current and future challenges.

- Be distinguished in scientific and academic outcomes and values.

- Provide the necessary research environment.

Mission :

- Provide national and regional students with the opportunity to engage in an enjoyable and supportive learning experience leading to a well recognized graduate qualification.

- Prepare students for careers in different fields of mechanical engineering (general mechanical engineering, thermal power and energy, and materials and manufacture).

- Keep up with the latest developments of engineering technology for the academic staff and students, and update the department study plan accordingly.

- Offer services to the local and regional communities.

Goals :

- To provide graduates with the required knowledge and skills and apply them to identify and solve mechanical engineering problems.

-To expand and enhance the abilities related to the responsibilities of the mechanical engineer towards the profession and society.

- To develop the abilities of graduates to keep up with new developments of engineering technology.

-To let the graduate students engage in advanced academic and research careers.

- To embed an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities of mechanical engineers.

- To enhance the ability of graduate engineers to work on multi-disciplinary teams, and engage in life-long learning.