- Vision

 To be a recognized as a national and regional pioneer program in industrial systems engineering education, research, and community engagement
- Mission
To graduate competent industrial systems engineers who fulfill market needs and are equipped with industrial systems engineering knowledge and research and fundamental skills capable of working in diverse environments and able to contribute to the national sustainable development plans.
-  Program Objectives

1.    Graduates with sound knowledge and research foundations needed by the potential job market.
2.    Graduate equipped with fundamental skills necessary for success as industrial systems engineers in diverse environments including such skills as problem solving, communication, ethical and cultural awareness, and teamwork.
3.    Graduates prepared to and capable of pursuing advanced degrees in industrial systems engineering or     closely related fields oriented to serve national development by addressing pressing national and global contemporary issues.
4.    Graduates who demonstrate leadership and life-long learning capacity for continuous improvement.
- Students Outcomes

By the time of graduation, our graduates should be able to demonstrate the ability to:
 a - Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, smart systems and engineering in  
b – Design, analysis of industrial systems and conduct experiments as well as analyze     
       and interpret data.
c - Design systems, components, or processes to meet the desired needs.
d - Function within multidisciplinary teams.
e - Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.
f - Understand professional and ethical responsibilities of industrial engineers.
g - Communicate effectively.
h - Obtain broad knowledge to understand the implications of engineering
    solutions within global and societal contexts.
i - Recognition of the need for, and possess the ability to engage in, lifelong learning.
j - Possess knowledge of contemporary issues.
k - Use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.