The Electrical Engineering Department is striving to become a platform of excellence in the production of scientific and academic development in line with the course of age at the national level and the academic world, and to adopt the most important overall global standards in quality and excellence in department and implementation.

Mission :

The development of the scientific and academic for all cadres of Ele​ctrical Engineering Department members and administrative staff and students in accordance with the most important international quality standards in this area as well as working on the development of curricula and study plans in line with actual labor market needs, follow-up graduates, and to assist unemployment commensurate with their qualifications.

Goals :

* Graduate qualified leaders in Electrical Engineering (Communications, Electronics, power and control) to meet the needs of the labor market.

* Provide students with basic scientific knowledge and impart the skills necessary to perform the tasks assigned to them in the future .

* Train students on the skills of applied scientific research in the field of specialization.

* Community service.