Excellence in engineering education and applied research in the field of computer engineering according to international standards. 




At Mutah University in Computer Engineering Department (CED), we strive to:

-  Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of engineering education in the field of computer engineering.

-  Educate our students and provide them with the required skills to meet high standards of excellence in computer engineering.

-  Prepare our students to be competitive in the marketplace forgetting professional careers or continuing their higher education.

-  Achieve partnership with industry in the public and private sector.

-  Serve as a resource of computer engineering expertise at the local and regional levels.






-  Foundation knowledge: Providing students with a comprehensive, solid foundation and high-quality knowledge in terms of physical sciences, mathematics, and computer principles and  technology,  and engineering analysis and design, that covers the basic as well as contemporary computer engineering aspects.

-  Theory and application knowledge: After establishing a foundation, our CED department program enhances the student’s understanding of theory and applications of computer engineering throughout courses designed to gain specific techniques and skills in the  computer engineering areas.  

-  Technical skills: to develop the basic skills and the practical plans necessary to implement laboratory and design projects. As well as the development of the capacity to formulate projects and problems and develop a practical plan to take advantage of technical knowledge and various skills.


Encouraging students for research in computer engineering and related interdisciplinary areas.

3.Preparation for Professional Career:

provide students with the required knowledge ,skills and experience to be competitive in the market place  for getting professional careers ,here are focus  on the problems that may arise in the practical environment life ,teamwork ,leadership ,integrity ,ethics …etc

4.Preparation for Graduate Studies:

provide sufficient breadth and depth experience the success of subsequent graduate and post graduate study.

5.Public Services:

To develop and promote partnership with public  and private agencies, institution  including  business, industry and government agencies.