A department of distinguished academic and research capabilities.


Providing the labor market with chemical engineers who can prove themselves locally, regionally and internationally, and to attract students from other countries to enrich the learning and research environment, and to provide a research environment that is concerned with the application of the latest technological innovations to sustain national development.


 1.Developing academic programs and curricula that meet the present and future requirements of the dynamics local, regional and global market.

2.Applying e-learning and the latest developments in technology and educational media to enrich the academic process.

3.Striving to keep the department above the local and global accreditation standards.

4.Focusing on applied research that contributes effectively to support the development plans.

5.Expanding areas of cooperation with research centers inside and outside Jordan.

6.Enhancing the interaction with the local community by providing expertise and through specialized training sessions.

7.Exchanging experiences with the community of local industry and establishing specialized incubators to enhance cooperation.

8.Supporting researc​h collaboration with academic and research programs.