Society has always viewed Mechanical Engineers as creators of products that are needed at affordable costs. Mechanical Engineers develop and use technologies from aerospace to agriculture. The growing concern for the environment has opened up new opportunities and engineers. Mechanical engineers also play major roles in many fields of interest which include: energy utilization and conservation, heating and air conditioning, transportation and automotive fields, refrigeration and fluid machinery, production and processing machinery, and their maintenance. They have responsibility for research and development, testing and maintenance, control, and manufacture in many diverse fields. Because a mechanical engineer might work in any of these fields, an academic program has been planned that offers challenging and basic education.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1994 as part of the Engineering College. Currently, it has a total number of 226 student enrollment, and 18 college members with interest in the following fields of specializations such as: thermal sciences, fluid mechanics, design and manufacturing, controls and dynamics, applied mechanics, industrial management, and material science.

The department offers a Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. A basic science program in physics, chemistry and mathematics is followed up by an intensive engineering science program in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, solid mechanics, design, materials and manufacturing, engineering management, energy, and many more courses. This gives the student a broad knowledge in the thermal field sciences, production and management sciences. The program includes a number of elective courses that permit the student to undertake further studies in the field of her/his particular interest. Many courses are supported with their related labs to increase the knowledge and prepare the student for graduate work. A master's degree program is currently under planning and will be introduced into the department in the near future.

Teaching and Research Labs:

The following laboratories in the department are well-equipped and provide facilities for both instruction and research.

1- Mechanical Maintenance.

2- Mechanical Vibrations.

3- Advanced Thermal Lab.

4- Heat Transfer.

5- Thermodynamics.

6- Fluid Mechanics.

7- Theory of Machines.

8- Automotive and Internal Combustion Engine.

9- Properties of Materials.

10- Strength of Materials.

11- Metrology.

12- Manufacturing Process


A steam power plant in the advanced thermal lab is a good example of the equipment available.

The department can be reached on

032372380    ext  6115 ,  6116  

 Or by Email:

Prof.Saloom A. Al-Jibury