The Department of Electrical Engineering started with a few staff members, offering an intensive five-year Bachelor degree program. Currently, there are 800 students and 21 college members. These numbers are expected to increase up to 1000 students and 25 college members in all fields of Electrical Engineering by the year 2018.

The department offers Power, Communications and Electronic field of studies (undergraduate). The undergraduate degree curriculum provides a wide range of basic knowledge in applied sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. This is followed by strong comprehensive and balanced departmental requirements in the different fields of Electrical Engineering, both in classrooms and laboratories. The degree requirements also includes a wide spectrum of selective knowledge in Languages, Social Sciences, History, Management, Law and many other fields. The students have access to the latest computer facilities and software that are available in the market, in order to stimulate their engineering skills. In addition to the senior project, the students are assigned independent projects at an appropriate stage for designing systems and solving problems related to local industries and local communities.

Moreover, the department offers postgraduate program (MSc.) in Communication Engineering.

Teaching and Research Labs:

The department has the following well-equipped laboratories:

* Electric Circuits

* Electronics

* Electrical Machines

* Communications, analog and digital

* Electrical Power Systems

* Microprocessors

* Power Electronics

* Automatic Control

* Electrical Protection and High Voltage

* Microwave Engineering

* Measurements and Instrumentation's


The department can be reached on

032372380    ext  6135 ,  6136  

Dr. Saqer Jaafreh​