Greetings and welcome to the home page of Computer Engineering Department (CED), a department of the College of Engineering  at Mutah University!
 Here, we invite you to have a look around and find out important information about our great department. This website provides information about the undergraduate degree program, research studies and activities. In addition,  on this page, check out the latest news and information about our faculty, staff, and students.

CED offers an undergraduate program (B.Sc.) in Computer Engineering. Currently, we have about 200 students enrolled in this program. Since its establishment in 2000, our Department has been ranked as one of the best computer engineering departments in Jordan. Based on this, our graduates are employed by key companies in Jordan and worldwide.

We hope this w​ebsite will give a useful help and information about the CED department.  If you need more information about our CED, we encourage you to contact us anytime and our faculty and staff will be happy to answer your inquires.

The department can be reached on

032372380    ext  6135 ,  6136  

 Or by Email:

Dr. Khaled Al-Maaitah