Significant progress has taken place in recent years in the field of Civil Engineering. The need for design qualifications in Civil Engineering is also on the rise. The aim of this department is to extend the knowledge and expermint in a wide range of Civil Engineering subject areas. The department provides a thorough understanding of each subject area.
The academic staff have established strengths in certain areas of Civil Engineering such as: Structures, Soils Mechanics, Foundations, Environment, and Water Resources. Current research by the academic staff covers many broad and complementary areas.
The department was established in l990. Currently it has 16 college members with 204 undergraduate students. The department offers (B.Sc.) degree in Civil Engineering through an integrated study plan which consists of the basic science, mathematics, and computer courses, in addition to the core courses in Structural Analysis, Reinforced Concrete and Steel Design, Traffic and Highway Construction and Design, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Design, Water Resources and Sanitary Engineering, and Construction Engineering and Management. The department has several state-of the-art laboratories which have been designed to implement the basic theoretical knowledge in the fields of Civil Engineering. Currently, the department is finalizing a proposed study to introduce the M.Sc. degree in the very near future.

The department can be reached on   ext  6137 ,  6138  

Dr. Mazen J. Al-Kheetan